booker / agender / uk;
driving home i wondered
when you go to sleep
do you dream of me?


Would anyone be interested in volunteering to help build a virtual pet website? The main focus is breeding snakes with various unique morphs to breed and collect with homes (vivariums, racks etc) you’re able to customize. You can also buy items to customize your pets appearance, speed up growth etc. We’re also hoping to implement a premium currency to unlock rare, fantasy species as well as premium clothing and items. Also games, because everyone loves games. There’s other stuff too, but I won’t go into great detail right now.

Right now we’re looking for people who would like to help with website building, database work, site design and artists to help with pets, items and so forth.

If you’re interested and would like to help out reply to this post, reblog this post, or preferably, send me an ask. It would be extremely useful if you have a Skype we can text chat on.

As of right now I don’t really have anything to share about this as it’s in super baby stages, but feel free to reblog this to spread the word.


Proof that miracles do happen



adding someone u thought was really cool on skype only to find out theyre a GIANT FUCKING MEMENERD

dnt tell my parents



DA:I Forums in a Nutshell


what are we even doing

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